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The Bridge is a Homeless Recovery Center, a "one-stop shop" for Guests to provide them resources for exiting homelessness. The doors are open 24/7 for various services, but Guests with the Bridge ID can access Day Shelter services from 6am-5pm.  

Some Services they Provide: 

  • Basic amenities: food, showers, laundry, barber, library/computer lab, and various recreational activities 

  • Services accessible during Day Shelter: Care Management, health care, recovery, and employment and income services.  

  • Night Shelter*  

  • Transitional Housing* 

* various eligibility requirements 

Contact Information:


Austin Street Center is a faith-based emergency overnight shelter for men, ages forty-five and older, and women, ages eighteen and older, experiencing homelessness. Each client has access to a Daily Walk-In Emergency Shelter (including a safe place to sleep, meals, showers, clothing, and hygiene products), the Education and Employment Resource Center, a computer lab, mental and medical health care, substance use recovery, benefits navigation, housing-focused case management, spiritual support (if desired), and diversion services to prevent homelessness. Clients may also participate in housing-coordination programs and receive individual case management to help end their homelessness. 

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 2929 Hickory Street Dallas, TX 75226 

  • Phone: (214) 428-4242 

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Housing Crisis Center serves to prevent homelessness, stabilize those at risk, and empower individuals to tackle housing crises in the future. The main services include housing programs, legal clinics, and emergency financial aid. 

Contact Information: 



VA North Texas Health Care for Homeless Veterans 

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is a federal Cabinet-level agency that provides healthcare services to eligible military veterans. The VA North Texas Health Care for Homeless Veterans program performs outreach in the community to engage and identify Veterans who are homeless, on the streets, in shelters, and in county jails to help them access care, obtain needed services, and take advantage of community resources. 


Dallas VA Medical Center:  

  • Address: 4500 S. Lancaster Rd. Building 71A Dallas, TX 75216 

  • Phone: (214) 742-8387 

Fort Worth Homeless Clinic 

  • Address: 1518 E. Lancaster Fort Worth, TX 76102 

  • Phone: (817) 255-7127 

  • Information: Check in at the front desk 

Tyler VA Specialty Care Clinic 

  • Address: 3414 Golden Rd. Tyler, TX 75701 

  • Phone: (855) 375-6930 

Contact Information: 


  • National Call Center for Homeless Veterans: 877-424-3838 

  • Appointments and Walk-in Information: 1-800-849-3597, 78955 

  • 24/7 Homeless Resource Hotline: 1-877-424-3838 

  • Veterans Crisis Line: 800-273-8255 

  • Women Veterans Hotline: 855-829-6636 

  • Combat Call Center: 877-927-8387 ​


The Homeless Outreach Medical Services Program (HOMES) is a Parkland/Children's Health Fund collaboration that serves both adult and pediatric populations of homeless individuals. It provides medical, dental, and behavioral health services. 

Contact Information: 

  • Address: 4811 Harry Hines Blvd Suite C Dallas, TX 75235 

  • Fax: (214) 590-0172 

  • Phone: (214) 590-0153 

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 9.18.30 PM.png

Agape clinic is a free primary care clinic with multiple specialties within it as well such as medicine, dermatology, neurology, women's health, and dentistry (emergency only). 

Contact Information: 

  • Phone: (972) 707-7782 (Medical Ext. 301; Dental Ext. 302) 

  • Address: 4104 Junius Street Dallas, Texas 75246 

  • Fax: (972) 707-7781 | Medical Fax: (800) 834-0522 

  • Website: 

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Turtle Creek Recovery Center (TCRC) is the only residential and outpatient program in North Texas that is wholly dedicated to serving both men and women who have co-occurring disorders of severe mental illnesses and alcohol or drug addiction. Most clients are unemployed, and many are homeless at time of admission. This program services to provide care so individuals may return to community with psychiatric stability, sobriety, and independence. 

Contact Information: 

  • Clinical Service Phone: 214-871-2483 

  • Administrative Offices Phone: 214-522-7930 

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MetroCare is a Behavioral Healthcare organization that serves as Dallas county's largest mental healthcare provider. It is both a government agency and a non-profit. It was created by the Dallas County Commissioners Court around fifty years ago. Today, it offers a wide variety of behavioral healthcare for adults and children no matter their economic status. 

Contact Information: 

Behavioral Healthcare 

  • After-hours crisis services: 1-866-260-8000 

  • Administrative offices: 1345 River Bend Drive, Ste. 200 Dallas, TX 75247 

  • Phone: (214) 743-1200 | Toll free: (877) 283-2121 

  • Fax: (214) 630-3469 

  • Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

PATH Program 


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Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is a faith-based non-profit organization that serves the homeless community primarily as a shelter. The two main shelters are Calvert Place (for adult men) and Center of Hope (for single women and children). Calvert place can serve up to 335 homeless men, and Center of Hope is able to serve up to 235 residents daily. Both campuses offer chapel services, learning centers, and medical services. Additionally, Calvert Place houses the administrative offices and VA services, and Center of Hope houses the Crystal Child Development Center (CDC), a childcare center. 

Contact Information: 

  • Administrative Offices and Calvert Place Phone: 214-637-6117 

  • Administrative Offices and Calvert Place Address: 3211 Irving Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75247 

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OurCalling is a faith-based organization that seeks to help homeless individuals live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by building lasting relationships. They are a zero-barrier organization that mainly serves unsheltered adults experiencing homelessness. They do not provide shelter. 

Some services they provide: 

  • Meals, clothes, laundry and showers: Monday-Friday 

  • Access to phones and computers 

  • Recovery classes 

  • Medical care 

Contact Information: 


The Catholic Charities is a faith-based organization which focuses on helping the impoverished in the community take on the effects of poverty and helping those in crisis move toward a better life. They offer a wide variety of services. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Some serviced they provide: 

  • Immigration legal services 

  • Education Services 

  • Resettlement Services 

  • Disaster Preparedness & Relief Services  

  • Pregnancy Services 

  • Senior Housing for the Homeless 

Contact Information: 

  • Phone: Main Phone: (866) 223-7500 | Pregnancy and Adoption Services: 1-800-222-9383 | Immigration Legal Services: (214) 634-7182 

  • Address: 1421 W Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75247 

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The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization seeking to help the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the destitute. Their shelters offer clean, dignified surroundings with residential services such as meals, counseling, and employment assistance. It is international in scope, but there is a North Texas chapter that specifically serves the DFW area.  

The Home Sweet Home program, provides individuals experiencing homelessness and at-risk households with the tools they need to create a budget and manage income and expenses. 

Carr P. Collins Social Service Center 

  • Address: 5302 Harry Hines Blvd Dallas, TX 75235 

  • Phone: (214) 424-7000 

Mabee Social Service Center 

  • Address: 1855 E. Lancaster Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76103 

  • Phone: (817) 344-1800/1811 

Contact Information: 

  • Phone: 214-637-8100 OR 817-344-1820 

Shelter Locations in the DFW Area: 

  • The Salvation Army Denton Shelter 

  • Address: 1508 East McKinney St. Denton, TX 76201 

  • Phone: (940) 566-3800 

  • Arlington Family Life Shelter 

  • Address: 712 West Abram Arlington, TX 76004 

  • Phone: (817) 860-1836 


Interfaith Family Services is a faith-based organization that works to help assist families with becoming self-sufficient and prevent homelessness. It's primarily aimed towards providing assistance to families in need, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty. 

Contact Information: 


North Dallas Shared Ministries is a faith-based cooperative effort of forty-seven religious congregations that combine resources to efficiently deliver effective and appropriate assistance to Dallas' poorest individuals and families. 

Contact Information: 

  • Main Phone Number: (214) 358-8700 

  • Medical Clinic Phone (questions or scheduling): (214) 358-8705 

  • Dental Clinic Phone (questions or scheduling): (214) 358-8729 

  • Tax Preparation Assistance Program (from May through October): (214) 608-6488 

  • Address: 2875 Merrell Road Dallas, TX 75229 

  • Website: 


Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 9.31.55 PM.png

Project ID is a national non-profit that seeks to help individuals without identification (such as sections of the homeless population) for the purposes of jobs, housing, healthcare, and more. 

Contact Information: 

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The Stewpot is a "safe haven" for homeless and at-risk individuals. At their main location, they have pre-packaged snacks, hygiene products, coffee, water, and other essential items every day. Their food service is the Second Chance Café which is located inside the Bridge Homeless Recovery Center. Other services are available at the First Presbyterian Church Community Ministries Building. The Stewpot also helps individuals get photo IDs. 

Contact Information: 

Representative Payee Program: Monday and Tuesday, 9:00 am – 11:30 am 

  • Address: First Presbyterian Church Community Ministries Building, 408 Park Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75201, located at the corner of Young Street and Park Avenue in downtown Dallas. 

  • *For directions via public transportation – DART, call the customer service line: (214) 979-1111 


CitySquare offers a comprehensive array of social services that address the four key areas related to the persistence of poverty: hunger, housing, health, and hope. Additionally, they offer resources to educate on social justice and racial inequality in America. Participants with CitySquare are referred to as "neighbors." 

Contact Information: 

  • Main CitySquare Phone: 214-823-8710 

  • Main CitySquare Address: 1610 S. Malcolm X Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75226 

  • Clinic Phone: 972-817-6000 

  • Clinic Address: 2825 Al Lipscomb way, Dallas, Texas 75215 

  • LAW Phone: 214-827-1000 

  • LAW Address: 511 N Akard St, Ste 302, Dallas, Texas 75201 

  • TRAC Crisis Line: 214-370-9300  

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Unlocking Doors serves as a reentry brokerage network (case management program) for individuals with criminal backgrounds. They connect individuals to various programs and services (such as health care, employment, transportation, and housing), and has a recidivism rate of 11% (compared against Texas wide rate of 21%).

Contact Information: 

  • General Phone: 214-296-9258 

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