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All students at UT Southwestern, including MS2s, MS3s, and MS4s, are eligible to join the enrichment elective ENRH159: Patient Navigation for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness. Please contact the UT Southwestern Office of Medical Education to register. In order to apply to the PNP Fellowship, please see details below.

APPLICATION OPEN: 8/16/22 - 9/25/22


Are you interested in addressing health disparities, actively applying public health principles, and working directly with underserved communities? The Patient Navigator Program (PNP) allows students the opportunity to create a meaningful and sustainable impact in the community. As a PNP fellow, you will provide individualized support to patients experiencing homelessness who are trying to navigate the complex and overwhelming healthcare system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

- Your team of four student navigators will be paired with one client from Center of Hope or Calvert Place for 15 weeks.

- Your team will work together with your client to identify barriers to care, and build SMART goals to overcome them.

- Over the 15 week period, your team will navigate the client in accomplishing these goals.

- You must complete at least two of three 15 week cycles over the course of 2023.

Eligibility Requirements for PNP Fellowship

  • Must be a medical or graduate student in Dallas

    • If you are an MS2, MS3, or MS4 at UT Southwestern, you may experience scheduling conflicts with rotations. 

    • Graduate students in any of the following programs are encouraged to apply: Physician Assistant, nursing, public health, social work, and all other schools of health professions

  • Must be enrolled during the time period of September 2022 - December 2023

Patient Navigation for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness – The Virtual Elective 

If you would like to become a Navigation Fellow, you must first complete an educational course to learn essential skills.  The course is called ENRH 159: Patient Navigation for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness, and it will run from September 12, 2022 to Dec. 13, 2022. All course lectures will be conducted via Zoom. The course consists of a total of twelve 1-hour seminars with required attendance at ten of these sessions. Completion of this course is required in order to become a PNP Fellow. Enrollment of the course is open to UTSW and non-UTSW affiliated students. For answers to questions regarding the elective or the fellowship, contact the PNP at


PNP Fellowship time commitment*

September - December 2022:

  • Online ENRH159 elective course: 10 hours total (10 of 12 sessions required)

  • These sessions will be held every Monday from 5-6pm

January 2023 - December 2023:

  • Suggested interaction time with client: 1 hour per week

  • Team meetings: 1 hour per month

  • Clinic time: 6.5 hours total per year

*The PNP schedule contains built-in flexibility for students who are going into rotation in Fall 2023 or are not available during the summer.

Questions? Email or one of our team leaders!


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